SGV Steam Radiator Supply Valves - Brass


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SGV Steam Radiator Supply Valves - Brass

• ISO 9002
• Stem Radiator Gate Valve
• Brass Body
• 125 WSP-200 WOG
• FIP x Male Union
• Sizes 1" - 1-1/4"

SGV Steam Radiator Supply Valves - Material Specifications

Part Material
Handle Bolt Hot Rolled SAE 1010R
Name Plate Aluminum A1100
Handwheel Phenolic
Packing Nut Brass B16 C36000
Gland Packing PTFE M-392
Bonnet Brass B584 C84400
Stem Brass B16 C36000
Locknut Brass B16 C36000
Disc Brass B584 C84400
Body Brass B584 C84400
Nipple Brass B584 C84400
Nipple Nut Brass B584 C84400


Part # Size D H L
SGV-1001 1” 2.31 4.04 3.98
SGV-1251 1-1/4” 2.31 4.77 4.45



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