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To:         Our Valued Matco-Norca Customers
From:    Scott Bardreau, Vice President of Sales
Date:     January 6, 2013
Re:        Lead Free Becomes Law

Dear Customer,

As you are probably aware, a major piece of Federal Legislation (The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act / Public Law 111-380) went into effect on January 4, 2014.  Unlike some other laws, this one is easy for regular folks to understand because it essentially prohibits the installation of “leaded” products in potable water systems. 

The law only applies to newly installed or replaced components for potable water systems, and specifies that the lead content shall not be more than 0.25% when used with respect to the wetted surfaces of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings and fixtures.  And going forward, States and Municipalities will be responsible for enforcing the federally mandated Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act through applicable statutes, regulations and codes, while re-sellers and end-users who don't comply with the law's regulations can expect forced equipment removals, fines and/or private lawsuits.

At Matco-Norca, we are committed to complying with the new lead free law, and should you have any questions regarding lead free products, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 1(800) 588-2583.

Here's to a productive and prosperous 2014!

Thank You

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