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Attn:     Our Valued Matco-Norca Customer
From:   Scott Bardreau, Vice President of Sales
Date:    January 7, 2013
Re:       New List Price Sheets / Effective: January 21, 2013

Dear Customer,

Due to rising costs, Matco-Norca is announcing pricing adjustments to the following List Price Sheets.

On January 21, 2013, the following List Price Sheet(s) will be in effect:

1) 150# Black & Galvanized Malleable Iron Fittings / PL-0113-F / increase by approx 8%
2) 300# Black & Galvanized Malleable Iron Fittings / PL-0113-XHF / increase by approx 8%
3) Cast Iron Threaded Fittings / PL-0113-CI / increase by approx 8%

New Price Sheets are now available on the web, please check the "Full List of Prices" and the "Fittings" pages.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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