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Attn: Our Valued Matco-Norca Customers
From: Lynn McVay, President
Date: November 24, 2010
RE: New List Prices Effective January 10, 2011
Dear Customer,
Due to the increased costs of materials, EFFECTIVE Monday, January 10, 2011, we will be changing our list prices by the approximate percentages indicated below.

1. VALVES & SPECIALTIES, JUNE, 2008 +9% Increase
  Brass Ball Valves PL-0111-BRBALL
  Gate Valves PL-0111-BRSGV
  Brass Y Strainers PL-0111-BYS
  Check Valves PL-0111-CHK VALVE
  Gas Valves PL-0111-GAS VALVE
  Heating Valves PL-0111-HTG
  Low Pressure Valves PL-0111-LP
  Pump & Well PL-0111-PW
  Various Clamps PL-0111-CLAMP
  Various Fittings PL-0111-MISC
  Cast Iron Specialties PL-0111-CIS
2. LEAD FREE VALVES, NOVEMBER, 2009 +9% Increase
  PL-1101-LF PL-0111-LF
3. WATERWORKS & IRRIGATION, MAY, 2008 +9% Increase
  Butterfly Valves PL-0111-BFV
  Companion Flanges PL-0111-CIF
  Cast Iron Specialties PL-0111-CIS
  Cast Iron Valves & Strainers PL-0111-CIV
4. MALLEABLE FITTINGS , MAY, 2010 +8% Increase
  150# Black & Galvanized PL-0510-F PL-0111-F
  300# Black & Galvanized PL-0510-XHF PL-0111-XHF
5. STEEL NIPPLES, MAY, 2010 +8% Increase
  Sch. 40 Welded Steel Nipples, Black & Galv., East Coast, PL-0510-N PL-0111-N
  Sch. 80 Welded Steel Nipples, Black & Galv., East Coast, PL-0510-XHN PL-0111-XHN
  Sch. 40 & 80 Welded Steel Nipples, Black & Galv., West Coast, PL-0510-NW PL-0111-NW
  Sch. 80 Seamless Nipples, PL-0710-SN PL-0111-SN
6. CAST IRON FITTINGS, MAY, 2010 +8% Increase
  PL-0510-CI PL-0111-CI
7. STEEL PLUGS AND BUSHINGS, JUNE, 2008 +8% Increase
  PL-0608-PB PL-0111-PB
8. COUPLINGS, STEEL, MAY, 2010 +8% Increase
  PL-0510-PC PL-0111-PC
  PL-0407-FLEXCP PL-0111-CLAMP
10. DIELECTRIC NIPS / UNIONS, OCTOBER, 2007 +9% Increase
  DUN-0608 PL-0111-CLAMP
11. CLAMPETTE, JULY, 2009 +9% Increase
12. PEX FITTINGS, JULY, 2008 +9% Increase
  PL-0709-PX PL-0111-PEX
13. CAST BRS ADP FTG, SEPT, 2009 +9% Increase
  PL-0909-CASTBF PL-0111-CBAF
14. COPPER FITTINGS, OCTOBER, 2009 +9% Increase
  PL-1009-CF PL-0111-CF
15. BRASS FITTINGS & NIPPLES, MARCH, 2010 +12% Increase
  Brass Nipples PL-0410-BPN PL-0111-BPN
  Brass Fittings PL-0410-BPF PL-0111-BPF
  Lead Free Fittings PL-0410-LF PL-0111-LF
  Chrome Plated PL-0410-CFN PL-0111-CFN
New Price Sheets will be available mid–December, 2010, so please continue to check the “Full List of Prices” section of our website. Matco-Norca continues to work hard to provide you with quality products at prices that allow you to remain competitive in these challenging times. On behalf of the entire Matco-Norca Team, thank you for your continued support.

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