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To: Our Valued Matco-Norca Customer
From: Scott Bardreau, Vice President of Sales
Date: January 17, 2019
Re: Section 301 Tariffs / Price Increase




The items listed below were included in the second round of Section 301 tariffs, which went into effect on August 23, 2018. As a result, we will be forced to raise the list prices by 25% effective immediately. We will not be able to extend price protection, grace periods or honor back orders at the old price. Updated list price sheets are available for download. You can find our full list of price sheets by clicking here.

400 400T PVC Compression Couplings PL-0918-CLAMP
400 401S CPVC Compression Couplings PL-0918-CLAMP
400 410T PVC Compression Tees PL-0918-CLAMP
400 420T PVC Compression Adapters PL-0918-CLAMP
400 460T PVC Expandable Couplings PL-0918-CLAMP
770 470 PVC Unions PL-0918-PVC


We sincerely thank you for your understanding and support of Matco-Norca.




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